How to Travel the World Cheaply

How to Travel the World Cheaply ~ Traveling is one of those things that can get really really really expensive, but I have been traveling for as long as I can remember when I went to college. I determined in my mind that although I was a college

student, I didn’t have a lot of money I still traveled. I traveled internationally after college.How to Travel the World Cheaply

I lived overseas in Europe, I lived in Italy Turkey Belgium, I’ve been to the Bahamas the Caribbean Cayman Islands Jamaica all different states across the country and by no means do I have a lot of money? in

fact, I did more traveling when I had less money when I was a college student than I do now.

So, I’m going to share with you guys all the tips and tricks that I use in order to travel with a low budget and for super cheap and anyone can use these.

Okay, so my first tip is to be flexible with your travel days no matter what form of transportation you’re taking or where you’re going the more flexible you are with your travel days that for your trip is going to be.

This is going to give you cheaper flights, cheaper hotel rooms, it’s just going to be cheaper to travel because you’ll be able to pick the cheapest prices.

The more flexible you are with your travel days the cheaper your trip will be. There are times that tend to be cheaper these are called shoulder periods. This is the time following any busy time of travel.

So, right after New Year’s or right after Spring Break or right after school starts when people are traveling less any time, when people are traveling less is when it’s going to be cheaper for you to travel.

Also midweek tends to be cheaper than weekends to travel, so if you can try travel midweek and during a shoulder period because that’s going to give you the absolute cheapest prices use search engines

and go directly to the seller.

My favorite search engine is cheap that’s the search engine I go to first for any flights or hotels also is a really good one definitely go to these because this is going to compare like

flights, car, Hotel from multiple travel sites.

But also go directly to the site, so for example if you find a flight through a search engine or Delta you then want to go to the Delta website because sometimes the actual website has deals that you can’t see

from search engines. And also to you can find deals that may be cheaper there, might also be special discounts directly from the seller so definitely use search engines.

But also go directly to the source and compare and contrast that way to get the cheapest price there’s also all different kind of ways to get discounts on your travel sta.

So, if you’re a student, you get a discount through travel. So definitely take advantage of that seniors get discounts military any discount you can get take advantage of that. Also follow the airline’s on their

social media because a lot of times they’ll send out discounts through their social media to people who follow them.

Also sign up for email alerts join a Facebook group that centered on discounted traveling and they will post like all the cheapest deals.

There’s all kinds of like hidden places and hidden discounts where you can get discounts on travel and lodging. Also to save money definitely check Groupon.

Groupon does flight in travel deals that include flight and hotel and sometimes they’re all-inclusive it includes food too and they’re really really great deal.

Always sign up for frequent flyer miles, always always always.

These definitely add up and it will save you money in the long run in Chile.

You can get free flights and discounts, also make sure to sign up for rewards programs those are gold if you have a Walmart. In a Walmart gas station in your city definitely like if you’re taking a road trip,

something really smart to do is get a Walmart gift card and put your money on there for your gas.

If you use your Walmart gift card at a Walmart gas station with the gift card, you can get three cents off of your gas for any Walmart gas station that you go to determine how much your gas is going to be get

a Walmart gift card. Fill it up put it on there and then use that at the gas station to get three cents off every time you pump gas a great way to save on lodging. Is through being creative in different methods you

can always do like air B&B; which is a great alternative to. Like hotels, you can usually find places that are cheaper deeper especially if you’re traveling like with the family or a larger group of people vacation.

Rentals that are rented out by owners also house-sitting services, you can house it for people like all throughout the world and you can get free lodging just for you know watching their house while they’re out

of town and then you may also be able to get paid as well.

This is a great way to travel and get free lunch in different cities without having to do much. So, transportation as far as when you are traveling. I definitely say use public transportation use uber pool not only is

using public transportation cheaper but it’s also a more fun and creative way to see the city.

I recently got stuck in Chicago by myself with not a lot of money so I ended up just getting a train ticket and exploring the city. My train ticket, I think total was $10 to go to the city and back to the airport and I

was able to see so much stuff for so cheap so it may be a little scary at first or daunting but it’s really fun and it’s a really cheap way to explore the city.

You get to also see more of the places that are local and not just the touristy places, so as far as entertainment and food I definitely say branch out from the tourist areas when you’re eating food,try and visit

restaurants or places that are more popular with the locals because it’s going to be cheaper and you’re going to get more of an authentic experience of where you’re visiting.

You make sure to eat your biggest meal at lunch when it’s cheapest don’t go for your biggest meal at dinner time when it’s going to be most expensive. Prices for lunch time are sliced almost in half and you

still get a good portion and you’re able to eat more.

So, definitely make lunch you are a biggest meal when you’re eating out in another city, so you can meet locals through a website called couchsurfing that’s a great way to like meet people from the area and

they can get you hip to all the cool places as well as places that are affordable, like to eat, attractions to see and it’s a great way to meet new people leaves your ATM card in your hotel.

Decide how much money you’re going to spend for that day or for that yuning or however long you’re out bring the cash and leave your card at home that way when you’re done spending your cash.

You aren’t tempted to spend more money on your credit card or on your debit card do all the free stuff like all. The free stuff anywhere you go anywhere you go whether it’s in the United States, whether it’s in

Europe, anywhere you go there’s always tons of free stuff to do you literally just have to do your research.

There’s so much free stuff whether it’s museums or its attractions monuments just going to the beach it’s free you take advantage of like free packages.

Ask your hotel about free attractions, think you’re going to like a big party place like especially South Beach, they will include in their resort feet in the hotel fee. Things like VIP passes to clubs you get free

happy hours, free meals.

That’s one of the things I love about singing in South Beach, I always get a hotel that’s going to give me something free that’s going to give me a little something extra. So definitely always check with your hotel

for what amenities they offer for free as well as what attractions that you can see for free.

A really fun and creative way to get kind of an extra free trip out of a trip that you’re planning if you don’t have a direct flight and you have a layover. It’s called a stop over and basically you plan your trip, you find

out what the location of the layover is.

You get a flight from the place that you’re leaving from to the layover stop and you stay there for a day or however long or if you want to save for like half the day just to see the city then get your flight from

there to your final destination.

It’s going to be the same price as you would get going from your origin to your destination, but you get to stop in another, maybe cool city and see something extra. You get a little bit more out your trip for food


Pack your own snacks bring your own drink, bring as much as you can that you bring from home it’s going to save you so much money versus eating in the airport and that’s going to save you so much

money on food.

You don’t have to eat out for every single meal when you travel, if you have a smaller budget but you want to travel internationally cruises are a great idea. They’re perfect because they’re all-inclusive but they

allow you to travel international to travel to exotic places at a very very affordable price, also you can pay on cruises throughout the year. So it’s not one big chunk of money at one time, so like if you’re a

college student or you don’t have a lot of money definitely I say opt for cruises you can get really really great deals awesome way to travel.