MUST TRY! Roasted Mushrooms in a Browned Butter, Garlic and Thyme Sauce | Food Dinner Recipes

Roasted mushrooms tossed in a tasty browned butter, garlic and thyme sauce!

MUST TRY! Roasted Mushrooms in a Browned Butter, Garlic and Thyme Sauce | Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Nicole P-M; I think this dish looks pretty with mushrooms whole but the mushrooms I bought were huge so I quartered them. They were a hit!

Andrea St. Clair; I fudged the recipe just a smidge, but overall, I am SO PLEASED with how it turned out. It was sooooo good!

Nea Koehler; So. Damn. Good. Make triple what you think you will need cause these go fast. Made them for a Thanksgiving side and they were the first thing gone.

Gaby C; A new favorite! Have made several times. Last time, I roasted pearl onions w mushrooms and doubled butter sauce. Yum! Thank you for a wonderful recipe!

Drita D’Alessandro; Ended up going with another recipe. This website is terrible! Website kept crashing, or redirecting me to other shit. Also kept throwing up adds.

Jessica Becraft-Van Arsdale; Love love love these tasty tidbits! Super easy to make. Added these mushrooms to Christmas dinner last year. Big hit and has been requested as a must have for this year.

Laura Patton; Easy dish to make! Wait to salt until after, just olive oil to roast. After roasted add sauce and salt, I used salted butter so very little salt to add. Leftovers will go good in next day omlet or scambled egg.

Shawn Price-Henley; These were amazing! Made them for Thanksgiving and they were a hit with everyone! The few leftover mushrooms are going in the gravy for the upcoming turkey leftover meals.

Lucy Fathy; This recipe was extremely simple and I loved it! I added one half of a Maggi Cube shrimp not chicken because I’m pescetarian and it gave it great extra flavor! I also added french green beans to the recipe and it was to die for.

Paula Elder; My daughter in law made this for Christmas dinner. It turned out great! She made it in the convection oven. Much quicker, still great!