Healthy Vegan Fried Rice | Food Dinner Recipes

Easy, 10-ingredient vegan fried rice that’s loaded with vegetables, crispy baked tofu, and tons of flavor! A healthy, satisfying plant-based side dish or entrée.

Healthy Vegan Fried Rice - Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

isabella forde; Delicious and nutricious 😂 my tip would be get some goggles for cutting the spring onions because damn my eyes were watering so much haha

Shawnthevegan; Really good! Next time I’ll hold back half the brown sugar and put the peas in a the very end. A bit sweet and the peas got over cooked.

Omni McCluney; This turned out so great! Followed the recipe exactly, with the exception of adding bean sprouts, celery, and some corn. But the flavor was amazing with the sauce. Better than restaurants.

Katelyn Johnson; Vegan brown fried rice with tofu, peas, carrots, green onion, & edamame. Very good! Added edamame. Will definitely make again!

Ellee Thies; I doubled the rice to 2 cups. The flavour wasn’t as strong but it made enough for 3 decent serves. Simple but lengthy process. I will definitely make this again!

Julie Martin; THIS WAS SOOOOO EXCELLENT! the method of cooking brown rice is a keeper! I will make again. Might decrease the maple syrup by 1 TB. Add fresh bean sprouts & cabbage, makes great cold leftovers!

ally romanov; Really good recipe. I prepared my tofu, vegetables, and rice differently, but still got a similar result. My favorite part was probably the sauce; I added maple syrup and it was delicious!

All Vegan; Officially the best fried rice I’ve ever had the pleasure of making. Always, ALWAYS taste your sauce before you marinate the tofu- spicier the better (for me).

Kim Stockdale; Yum! Whole family loved it. Not too many vegan lovers (or tofu) so we had the tofu and some chicken on the side. Easy to make, loved the sauce, will make extra on the side next time.