Healthy Spinach Lasagna Roll-Up | Food Dinner Recipes

Perfect recipe for weekend dinners with the family. So delicious and healthy, you can prepare this Spinach Lasagna Roll-Up without any difficulties!

Healthy Spinach Lasagna Roll-Up | Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Kate Bennett; These were a huge hit! Made some changes: used Rao’s Marinara Sauce instead of making my own. Added ground chicken to the sauce for extra protein. Will make again!

Mandy; I can’t lie. I barely followed the recipe. I saw something affordable and filling, and I jumped, no…I ran to the grocery store. If I can manage to not mess this up, you will do great! Even the baby and toddler ate it.

Alannah Dowd; Very delicious, I added Italian sausage to mine and the entire family loved it.

Kylie Rhodes; My mom and I made this and it was so good! But it took forever to make! Be sure to prepare the lasagna noodles first!

Emilie Mallet; This was super easy to make and it was very good! It was super fast and made in my foods class, within 75 minutes with time to eat. The filling was amazing, with all the cheese and spinach! Definitely worth making again!

Melissa Funk; Delicious! I didn’t use measurement – just used what I had! Also I love sauce so I used a lot.

Claire Kuelbs; The filling needs salt and a little less spinach, and my sauce came out a little too thick. I added a little bit of sugar which helped cut the acidity.

Amy Duncan; These were GREAT!! Solid leftovers, too… Would highly recommend! I also added fresh basil because basil makes everything better. The crushed tomatoes were definitely the way to go. So much fresher than the pre-made sauces!!

Debbie Gatlin; Great sauce!!! I added mexican oregano,crack pepper flakes,mushrooms (to taste meaty). I would double the sauce. Used fresh spinach and it was fine. Filling needed salt.Will make again.

Karen Gentilia; My daughter & I made these last night for dinner. Great meatless meal for Friday fasting & they taste awesome. We will definitely make these again. Completed the meal with a small salad & breadsticks.

Emily s: Sooo good! I added ground beef and mushrooms to the filling for some extra protein. They were awesome. I also forgot to buy parmesan cheese, haha, but it was just as good!