Easy Slow Cooker Potato Soup | Crockpot Food Dinner Recipes

Slow Cooker Baked Potato Soup is creamy and comforting, budget friendly and also very easy to make! Perfect for a weeknight meal.

Easy Slow Cooker Potato Soup - Crockpot Food Dinner Recipes


What people says about this recipe?

Stephanie Smalley; T’was a great recipe! Loved the quick option of using condensed milk & cornstarch. Made my life as a working mom so much easier!

Amber Carrier; I made four batches of this soup in two crockpots for my family of six last night… Myself and my five guys loved it and will be munching on it for football and between chores throughout the day! I did use a 10lb bag of potatoes but just quadrupled the rest of the ingredients… Who would complain about a couple more taters? All we had with it was some french bread from the bakery that I heated up in the oven… This is definitely an all weekend crockpot, easy meal, that we’ll be eating again!

Aubrey wren; Used heavy cream and also made red lobster biscuits to go with it. Super delish.

Brittany Hernandez; Unbelievable…always have wanted to make a homemade potato soup..this is divine heaven on Earth. All the flavors are there. Enjoy!!

Chelsea Mason; Omg! I’ve made another loaded baked potato soup from Pinterest and it doesn’t even come close to this. So good!

Bethmary Pihota; OMG was this soup so worth the wait. I did not use as much garlic as called for since others are not big fans of it as I am. Oh I would definitely make this again. So worth the wait.

Jaclyn Richmond; Turned out great! I didn’t mash the potatoes at all and it was still very creamy. We ended up having ham chunks instead of bacon because its what we had and it was good.

Stephanie Smalley; T’was a delicious recipe. Didn’t mash the potatoes which made it a heartier meal. The evaporated milk & cornstarch option was easier to put together for this working mom so I’ll definitely be adding this to my keep list.