Easy One-Pan Pesto Chicken Dinner Recipes

One-Pan Pesto Chicken, Tortellini, and Veggies, Asparagus, Tomatoes – healthy, refreshing, Mediterranean-style dinner. Spring and Summer Dinner Recipe!

Easy One-Pan Pesto Chicken Dinner Recipes

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Chloé Jeffs; Made this with my boyfriend and it turned out amazing. The pesto and veggies add so much flavor. We used yellow and red peppers instead of the tomatoes (cherry tomatoes aren’t my favorite) and broccoli. Definitely will be making this again. For faster cooking time I’d suggest cooking all the veggies together since everything’s gonna be mixed together at the end anyways 🙂

Elisa Fusco; Made one slight change….I cooked the cherry tomatoes with the asparagus to cook them down! The fresh tomato flavor was so good! 😍

Jennifer Olson; Really yummy!! The recipe was a little funky, I thought. Why say to use uncooked tortellini and then in the middle of cooking say to cook tortellini per package instructions?? I had to boil water in a hurry meanwhile my asparagus was getting cold. #Also seemed weird that the picture shows everything in the skillet, except you take the asparagus out before the chicken, tomatoes and tortellini go in (so they are never in the pan together). Despite that, it was incredibly tasty and I will for sure make it again and I’ll bet next time will be even easier now that I know to cook the tortellini ahead of time!

Bethany Reddick; DELICIOUS! It was super easy. I forgot sun-dried tomatos. So I just added more of the grape tomatos. Still super great and easy to make 😋

ƝᎪᎡᎪɳᎫᎤ; Soo Good! I used basil diced-tomatoes instead of the sun-dried tomatoes and it was delicious!

Kiera Prioleau; It’s delicious, quick, and simple! I’ve never been interested in pesto flavors but this was a nice surprise. I’ll remember the sun dried tomatoes next time 🙂

Molly Durava; OMG this was so yummy! I added fresh spinach and used regular tomatos instead of cherry tomatoes but i will definitely make this again!