Easy One Pan Dinners Chicken And Veggies Recipes

You must try this easy one pan chicken and veggies recipes for you dinner time.

Easy One Pan Dinners Chicken And Veggies Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Vanessa Mosley; It smelled and tasted soooooo good. My husband and I ate it as a keto meal (my children had it with brown rice)😍😍😍

CDS; It was so good, especially the vegetables and instead of tomatoes I put red bell pepper which I believed gave the dish more taste 🙂 Totally recommend it!

OVO829; i used cauliflower instead of tomatoes because nobody in my family likes tomatoes and it was delicious! it is hard to get everyone to eat veggies but everyone loved it! i made it for four people so i used a lot more veggies and i wish i would have added more oil because i thought they were kinda dry. will definitely make again!!!

Christa Badon; Made this tonight! Cooked the chicken separate from the vegetables & this dish is excellent! Gonna try a different protein next time (shrimp, salmon, etc.) MAKE THIS GUYS!

Monik Bodo; This is definitely a recipe that you can improvise. No broccoli…no worries use zucchini. No potatoes…no worries use brussel sprouts. Missing a few of the spices so used others available. House smells amazing while cooking. Hubby happy…wife happy.

Autumn Wireman; So good! I used sweet potatoes, carrots, green onions, and tomatoes. Skipped the salt and it was flavorful enough. Loved it. Just cook your veggies longer than your meat or else they will be hard and raw.

Wilma Jean McAvoy; My husband is always saying he doesn’t like skinless boneless chicken and basically all he likes is salt and pepper. I went by this recipe and he ate every bite. I just had potatoes and baby carrots on hand to use with the chicken.