Easy Lasagna Pasta Skillet | Food Dinner Recipes

This lasagna pasta is full of your favorite lasagna flavors, and it’s so much easier to make than lasagna. I’d rather stir everything together in a pot instead of just layering food on top of food together.

Easy Lasagna Pasta Skillet | Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Erika Gee; Made this for dinner tonight it was really good. I used ground beef and ground Italian sausage then ricotta cheese instead of sour cream. I also added mushrooms and my own seasonings.

KNeuverth; We doubled ours it was so good!! Great for a big family! Will be making it again!

Meagan Way; I’ll make this again! It’s super quick and easy, a nice spin on the traditional lasagna.

So good! And so easy!! I goofed and forgot ricotta cheese at the grocery. Improvised using Italian blend. Not the same at all but still delicious.

Candice Mai; Absolutely delicious and easy! I made too much of the pasta so I made a meatless version with the rest of the ingredients 🤗

Kristin; Added mushrooms and fennel seed. This tasted so much like lasagna. The sour cream was a little rich at times… may use less the next time it’s made. But definitely cooking again.

Danielle Fetzer; We liked the flavor but want to change the noodles next time, and maybe try with ricotta instead of sour cream. Liked it with sour cream though! Was easy to make and overall we liked it! Would make again.

Molly Uemura; Easy weeknight pasta dish! We used ricotta cheese instead of the sour cream and thought it was perfect. Best of all it was toddler approved. A nice twist on our usual pasta dishes.

Courtney Jordan; Made it and it was pretty good! Put it in the oven as some suggested which thickened the sauce. Seemed like it was missing something. May sub sour cream for ricotta or cottage cheese!