Easy Healthy Vegan Chickpea Tikka Masala | Food Dinner Recipes

Here’s the lowdown about this dish: rich, spicy, hearty, delicious. That’s it. So good. This (Vegan) Easy Chickpea Tikka Masala is awesome. Period.

Easy Healthy Vegan Chickpea Tikka Masala - Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Kylie Martinez; Pretty good. Next time I’d probably want to replace a can of diced tomatoes with tomato sauce because it had a bit of that canned tomato taste.

Cailin Smith; Needed more of the spices, and definitely more salt. Was so delicious though! I made it with yogurt, and the sauce was thick without the cornstarch.

♡ carlien ♡; SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD. I just added some carrots, mushroom and green peas 😻 absolutely delicious 😻

Mallory Camerio; Since I am trying to stay away from saturated fats, I substituted plain greek yogurt instead of coconut milk and it was awesome! This recipe is delicious, spicy and filling.

Loana Fragola; Loved this! It certainly was easy and super delicous! I split the recipe in half, because I will never invite 8 people, lol! But it was a great succes for datenight 👌 Will definitely make this a trillion more times! ❤️

Kirsten Davis New; I make this every time I have people round my house . Its a winner every time . Even meat eaters love this dish . Its beautiful and so simple to make.

Jessica; Delicious! Even without cream or coconut milk (i didn’t have any) so easy to make as well. Definitely will repeat!

Christy Hillebrand; This was delicious. I made madhur jaffreys saag paneer recipe to go with this and they were great together😊