Easy Delicious Orange Chicken | Food Dinner Recipes

Yummm this orange chicken recipe is the best! You only need 3 ingredients for the sauce too.

Easy Delicious Orange Chicken - Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Ash H; So good, wow!! This will be one of my go to meals!! Perfect for my college lifestyle & saves some coins!

Brittany Totten; It was really good. I followed instructions exactly and am very happy I will for sure make again. Hopefully next time I can add some veggies.

Megan Lovinguth; We’ve made this several times now and it is a family hit! My husband would love more heat but the kids enjoy it so much, I don’t want to change it.

Stephanie Kominiak; This has to be one of my boyfriend’s favorite meals. I actually do it in the crock pot. Just cut the chicken up into 1 inch cubes & throw it in the crock pot for a few hours. Then about a half hour before serving make the sauce.

Crystal Pryde; I added more marmalade because I thought it was a little too heavy with bbq sauce. Tried it a second time and used spicy bbq sauce, great as well.

The Mom Behind The Mask; I actually used a honey bbq sauce and cut the amount added to half what this says (bbq is just over powering) and I also added in fresh oranges in the slow cooker and i didnt fry the chicken before hand just dumped it all in gave it a stir and worked for a few hours to come back to a great meal.

Celeste Barlow; Simple and delicious! Careful not to get in the trap of making it all the time because of it’s simplicity, because it’s easy to get tired of.

Trisha Brummer; This was absolutely delicious and my entire family loved it! It is a bit labor-intensive and my opinion but super tasty!