Easy 20 Minutes Creamy Italian Chicken with Penne | Food Dinner Recipes

Quick and satisfying Cream Chicken and Penne. It’s one of our most popular recipes and for good reason! The sauce is creamy and light with tender chicken and perfect pasta.

Easy 20 Minutes Creamy Italian Chicken with Penne | Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Joyce; What an awesome recipe! I tried it tonight, doubled it since 3 grands were here-they all declared it fabulous and even requested the leftovers!!! Thanks a bunch-it was great!!

Anony; This is a great, versatile recipe. My husband picked up fire roasted tomatoes with Chipotle chiles by accident and I didn’t notice. Woo it was spicy but I’m thinking that would be good with say, queso fresco instead of parmesan and something other than the Italian seasoning because it was still good! I’ve made it with regular fire roasted tomatoes too but my slip up just goes to show the possibilities are endless. So quick and easy, and delicious. thank you!

Lynn C; I did this recipe for supper tonight. I doubled it, used whatever canned tomato I had (one was just a diced tomato and the other one was with chilli spices). Because the youngest one doesn’t like spices, I omitted the flakes, but did add some to individual plates. It was a hit. Now, I have leftovers for the week and I did freeze some for the kids for a quick supper when in need. Thank you. It was easy, but delicious!

sherryberrybim; Had this for supper tonight. Yummy!! It was definitely enough for 4 servings. My husband rated it a 10 out of 10. Also, by using light cream cheese I made it Weight Watcher friendly.

Kris; I made this tonight. We loved it! I used grated parmesan… Can’t imagine it being any more delicious than it was. The chicken was so tender and the noodles done perfectly!

Christine Moreno; I made this recipe tonight and it was a hit. Next time, I would like to make this without the pasta. I’ve only used my IP three times so I have no clue. Any suggestions or advice would be appreciated.