Delicious Sausage, Pepper and Rice Skillet | Food Dinner Recipes

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Smoky kielbasa sizzled with sweet bell pepper, onions and garlic in vibrant tomato sauce. This quick and easy sausage, pepper and rice skillet is downright delicious!

Delicious Sausage, Pepper and Rice Skillet | Food Dinner Recipes

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Jenna Belcher; Loooooved this!!!! The tomato sauce could have used some more flavor somehow. I haven’t figured out what it needed yet but it was very yummy and filling. Even my very very picky husband went back for seconds and told me to save anything that’s left lol.

Nicole Batista; Sooo good! Used smoked turkey sausage instead and added a pinch of creole seasoning.

Ellen Boyer; I only had half a bell pepper so I supplemented with celery, but it was delicious and a hit with both littles (3 and 9 months) and my husband, so we have a winner! 👌

Jourdan Herr; Really good. I made it Cajun style and used “slap ya mama” Hot Cajun seasoning and added a few tablespoons to the recipe and it was a perfect sinus clearing spice. I mixed all the spices in with the chicken broth and tomato paste and added it all at once and it turned out great.

Shannon O’Donnell; Love this dish! Easy and full of flavor…I did add more peppers than the recipe called for because I like a lot of peppers. Will make this again!

Sean Patterson; This skillet meal was delicious. I used yellow rice instead of white. Red and yellow peppers. Smoked sausage. Tomato paste. And vegetable broth with a touch of parsley. The instructions were super easy and fun to make. I’m not the cook in the house but it it definitely built up my confidence in the kitchen. My wife and son both enjoyed it so that made me feel as if I could conquer the world….or at least the kitchen lol.