Delicious Pumpkin, Spinach and Walnut spaghetti | Food Dinner Recipes

This simple pumpkin, spinach and walnut spaghetti makes an ideal mid-week dinner. It’s light, quick to prepare and tastes delicious. It’s vegan and can be made gluten-free too.

Delicious Pumpkin, Spinach and Walnut spaghetti | Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Alejandra Tabares; I put to much chilli flakes! And my level of spicy is not that high 🤣 But! I was still able to enjoy them and it was pretty yummy. I will make it again👐

Katie Welmans; Very tasty dish, I had to add a lot more liquid (water from Spaghetti) than the recipe said but otherwise it turned out amazing and I’ll definitely be making it again!

Julia Weston; This was so yummy! I added rosemary to the pumpkin before roasting, which added a nice flavor. I also added some pasta water (2/3 cup) to the mashed pumpkin to make a sauce with the garlic and chili flakes before adding the cubes pumpkin. I also topped it with Parmesan at the end!

Em Deschambault; I made this, and my family liked it so much we had it again two nights later. Super easy dinner, and great the next day! Highly highly recommend

Sakii; This turned out really well, and adding the lemon juice definitely made a difference in the flavor (we forgot to add it in at first, and the taste really improved after we added a little bit of lemon)

Marie S; I made this for dinner and it was absolutely delicious. I will definitely make this many times again!

Loved the flavors, especially the lemon! This is a quick meal, perfect for a weeknight.

Jennifer Galluzi; My husband was pleasantly surprised how good this is. Will make it again.