Delicious Hot Dog Nuggets | Dinner Ideas

Hot Dog Nuggets – it’s the family’s new favorite recipe! It’s simple, delicious and is perfect for lunch, dinner or even a party!

Delicious Hot Dog Nuggets  Dinner Ideas

What people says about this recipes?

Lex N; Super simple lunch! I found that if you flatten out the seams in the dough and wrap one whole hotdog at a time, cutting the dough along the seam once you’ve rolled once, and then you slice your hotdogs after they’re rolled in the dough, time saver! Reheat leftovers in a toaster oven 😉

Whitty; These were delicious & sooo easy! Id call them pigs in a blanket not corn dog nuggets that’s confusing with cresent rolls wrapped.

Willena Cotterman; Loved it! However for a family of 4 will def need to double up the recipe. Tasted like mini corndogs.

rachtgarcia; These were tasty and easy to make! My two year old helped me put them together and we both devoured these!

Kendra Ann; These were good and my son liked them. Cooked for about 13 minutes though. Will make again.

Shalese Danielle; These are easy to make and really good once you get your croissant to hot dog ratio right. 😉

Lenka Shaw; Most easiest yammy snack for my family or friends over! everybody loves them!!

Sara Simione; I think I loved these more then my son! Fast and easy. Perfect finger food.