Delicious Creamy Parmesan Carbonara Chicken | Food Dinner Recipes

Creamy parmesan carbonara chicken is the ultimate twist! crispy, golden chicken fillets soak up a carbonara inspired sauce for a new chicken recipe loved by the entire family!

Delicious Creamy Parmesan Carbonara Chicken - Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Jordan Strebel; My picky eater LOVED this!! I ended up splitting my dinner between my girls because they wanted more!

Claire Graves; Oh my word, this was the best thing I’ve ever tasted. I poured the sauce over the chicken instead of adding the chicken in. Both the kids loved it as well, my youngest said it’s the best dinner I’ve ever made!

Shaundra Ramer; I blackened the garlic (not on purpose) and added more parmesan cheese as well as shredded mozzarella. I also used heavy whipping cream. This is to die for! Yum yum yum!!!

Renee Hartwick; Dredged in parmesan and kept it keto with only hwc/Parmesan for the sauce. Absolutely delicious! Served over zuchinni noodles.

Karina Pyle; This was amazing! Sauce made with heavy cream and no cornstarch still turned out very thick. Might add some almond milk to thin next time. Served over zoodles.

Renee Bloomer; Delicious! The whole family loved it. To make it keto friendly I used heavy cream instead of half and half, almond flour instead of regular, and I didn’t add any form of cornstarch. The sauce was perfect. I would like to make again and maybe add peas to the sauce.

Iris Peplau; Very yummy. Works perfectly. Didn’t need any cornstarch to thicken. Used rest of the chicken rub. The flour in it was enough to make it even a little more creamier. Also added some finely cubed zucchini.

Jessica Semenuk-Bunn; Delicious recipe! Used less bacon (6.5oz) which was still more then enough. Used less cream (1cup) which was good cause it thickened on its own without use of cornstarch. Don’t feel the coating is necessary…just added more calories; next time leave that part out. Making again for sure!