Delicious Basil Avocado Pasta | Vegan Food Dinner Recipes

This Basil Avocado Pasta has been my go to lunch recently. It’s so yummy and creamy. Plus it only takes 15 minutes in total to throw together.

Delicious Basil Avocado Pasta - Vegan Food Dinner Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Carla Pollock; Very enjoyable 😊 I followed somebody’s suggestion of adding the chilli into the mix at the beginning and that was very helpful. I used a small lime instead of a lemon and kept all the garlic. It was strong but my husband and I are garlic fans so that worked for us. Served with a green salad to balance the creaminess of the sauce and went hardcore on the cherry tomatoes. Delish!

Kaleigh Huser; Added a small can of tomato paste and WOW. Super easy and cheap, and tastes phenomenal. The avocado sauce is a great base, just lacked a little flavor that I wanted.

Jazzmin Nielsen; I really enjoyed this recipe, especially being a new busy mom I’m always looking for easy healthy meals and this checked both of those boxes! Added some nutritional yeast and left out any spice. Delicious 🙂

Rebecca Melesio; I added extra chopped avocado and lemon juice on top and baked some asparagus on the side too. Sooooo good!!!!

Melissa Cross-Pavel; It was really good! Took no more than 15 minutes to make. I reduced the chili flakes to 1/4tsp. I added sunflower kernels and sun-dried tomatoes instead. Amazing! If your craving healthy fats this is it!!!!!

Heavnonerth; Made this for my family and they loved it. Wish I had a processor instead of blender. But still turned out well. Next time will definitely chop up everything before I put into blender. DELICIOUS!

EmLiminator; SUPERB! Side note. Having french bread is REALLY good on the side and makes it not as strong! Probably because of the garlic. 12/10 Would Basil Avocado Pasta again.