MUST TRY! The Naughty Donuts Recipes

Why are they naughty? Because they are WAY too easy for the amount of amazing that they taste. This donuts is very easy to make.

MUST TRY! The Naughty Donuts Recipes

What poeple says about this recipes?

Marcelynfaith Swan; Very easy to make!!! Me and my mom loved making these doughnuts 🍩 and they were absolutely 👌 perfect!!! I would definitely recommend this for any event!!!💥💕💥💕💥💕🎉♥️♥️♥️♥️

Christa Lowe; My Mom used to make these for us when I was a kid. SO YUMMY! She didn’t use butter at the end, though. Just tossed them in a big, brown grocery bag of sugar and cinnamon, and shook it up. The oil left on the doughnuts allowed it to adhere. I’ll try the butter, though. 🙂

Ashley; Finally made and kids and I LOVED them! I dont know why I expected a longer process than it took. Used the ‘butter tastin’ biscuits and came out wonderfully. Will be at it again and again.

Elizabeth Collins; We make these all the time. We use cinnamon and sugar, but we also buy a chocolate frosting tub and melt some on a plate in microwave and dip the top in the chocolate. We also make them with powdered sugar.

Candece beck; We used to make these when we were kids and now I make them for my kids. The good thing is you can top them with whatever you want. I deep fry mine. You should try frosting on top. And you can actually use whatever biscuits you want. The small cheap ones work really good.

Jamille wade; Soooo easy. Sugar may clump after rolling the buttered donut a few times. Also, they don’t require high heat.