MUST TRY! Blueberry Croissant Puff Breakfast Recipes

This Blueberry Croissant Puff is made from buttery croissants, fruit, and a cream cheese milk mixture that is baked until golden brown.

MUST TRY! Blueberry Croissant Puff Breakfast Recipes

What people says about this recipes?

Rheba Yost; So good! Just be sure to cream your cream cheese before adding the milk. I forgot to do that. It still came out okay but it would have been better all creamed together.

LeeAnn Havenhill; Yum!! Very easy. Bought a pkg of 8 small croissants. Just tore in pieces. Baked as written – covering last few minutes.

CaSandra Smith; Easy! Huge hit. Others asked for the recipe. I baked my own croissants. I used two cans of refrigerator croissants.

Krystal Shipley; Needed to get more croissants than stated in the article, maybe the ones I bought were to small. Very tasty.

Xitlali gonzalez; It was super delicious. And one of the easiest desserts/breakfast meals I’ve made that I had to bake.

Isabel Simard; Love this recipe and have made it several times. I did make it with strawberries and raspberries.

Samantha Ebben; Done with frozen blueberries. Added strawberries too the last batch and turned out good.

Lorraine Nicolini; It was great. I doubled the recipe so it took longer to bake, but was a big hit at the potluck!