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Sheet Pan Banana Blueberry Pancakes. We took our favorite banana blueberry recipe and made it in a sheet pan (less mess, saves time and feeds a crowd for breakfast or brunch) Easy kids breakfast.

Easy Sheet Pan Banana Blueberry Pancakes - Breakfast Ideas Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Kimberly L; yummy and easy. Would likely add second round of fruit much sooner than 9 minutes bc mine was already almost done so I had to smooth the fruit in.

Elizabeth Corder; We used a gluten free mix and lemon juice and baking soda as an egg replacement and it turned out amazing! We did use strawberries instead of blueberries but any fruit would work.

Aubrey Brangham; So quick and easy and better than standing at a hot stove flipping pancakes forever. I just used frozen blueberries because it’s all we had and it turned out just fine.

Jennifer Young; Tried this recipe this morning with another hash brown and eggs sheet bake. It was so much easier than standing over the stove top and cooking all the different elements. My husband and I loved it❤️

Natalie Jane; Beautiful breakfast treat, although I had to pop it back in the oven for an extra five minutes. Definitely put vanilla in the batter for that extra sweetness! Thanks for sharing 🙂

Amy Bryson; I don’t keep pancake mix in the house so I used a homemade pancake recipe from Cooking Light and also shaved half an Apple. It was so easy.

Maria Chan; These turned out so good! I made them exactly like the recipe. My family loved them. I will be making these again with different fruits.

Julie Healon; Yum! I did half blueberry and chocolate chips. The other half, raspberries and chocolate chips. Baked 9 min, took out and added more stuff. Baked another 5 min. Then broiled for 2 min. I used Aunt Jemima Pancake mix. 4 cups mix, 3 cups water. But I put 2 tbsp vanilla extract and 2 tbsp maple extract in measure cup before water. And 2 tbsp cinnamon to the batter. Yummy! Topped with butter and syrup after cut and plated.

Jax; Made half chocolate chip & half cinnamon sugar. Turned out great! Fam loved it! Quick and easy too!