Easy Quesadillas | Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast Quesadillas with bacon, egg and cheese. An easy breakfast or dinner idea the family is sure to LOVE! | Tastes Better From Scratch.

Easy Quesadillas - Breakfast Ideas

What people says about this recipe?

Kamila Caban; Absolutely delicious! My husband said it was “excellent.” I topped it with a little guacamole, sour cream and salsa. Very filling.

Amaya Parr; Turned out great…. but don’t have the fire on when you are putting everything on the tortilla because it might burn, mine did….😂😅

omesew allan; Tried the breakfast quesadilla. It was yummy. i used eggs, ham, cheese, onions and mushrooms. could only eat half but it was great!

IDG; Very delicious! Sautéed onions, peppers, and spinach and added it to the scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon. Very easy and fast! I also used a low carb tortilla. This will definitely be on my rotation.

Anin; These came out so good! Very easy to make & I substituted bacon for “tofurkey”…very yummy! Definitely making again.

Jennifer Ussery; Absolutely delicious. I made it for one, so cut the recipe down. I added fresh cilantro, garlic and onion powder, and parsley flakes to my eggs as they cooked.

Q u e e n S h X t; Was delicious! I don’t eat bacon, however I added red and green peppers and red onion and the substitution was excellent!

Ana; I have absolutely no cooking skills but this was easy and delicious. I added a little bit of salsa to give it a bit of a kick. Totally recommend it!

Xiomara Argueta; I tried it! It was sooo easy but instead of bacon I made it with sausage! I got full with just 2 slices 🙂

Ashley Ann; Make SURE you drain any grease off of the meat! Gets soggy fast! Also, speaking as a cheese lover, you really don’t need much. I added spinach and would like to add mushrooms and tomatoes next time.

DITY that DIY; Bomb, my son loved it! Which he is the pickiest of pickiest toddlers. I didn’t put pico on his but mine, is definitely gunna be a repeat too! 🙂