Easy Healthy Hot Sliders | Breakfast Ideas Recipes

Hot and hearty breakfast sliders right out of the oven are guaranteed to make mornings amazing!!

Easy Healthy Hot Sliders - Breakfast Ideas Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Sydney Wybert; A cup of butter was too much and the bottoms were soggy, will use 1/2 a cup next time. Yummy and filling otherwise!

Brena Doolen; Used only 8 eggs, not 12; rolls from a local bakery, and a half stick of butter, not a full stick and these turned out amazing!

katie sell; So good! I used 1/4 cup of melted butter instead of one cup. They turned out amazing! A little hot sauce on the side is also good.

Anin; Very easy to make and really yummy! Recipe required 1 whole stick of butter but I only used a 1/2 stick…Still a little too greasy so I’ll try 1/4 of a stick next time.

Debra Alvarez; Instead of scrambling the eggs on the stove, I mixed them and put them in the oven and came out AMAZING. I also used spam instead of ham. Still fantastic!

Debbra Dignard; These are sooo good!! Cooked the eggs on a regular cookie sheet for consistency, had enough leftover for 4 additional wraps, used 1/4 cup butter and used sliced cheddar instead of processed.

Brena Doolen; I made these using rolls from a local bakery (so not the Hawaiian rolls as called for in the recipe) and a half stick of butter and they turned out amazing! 🤤

Barbara Guilbeau; Mine was almost soggy, but I “basted” the tops with the pan drippings when I removed it from the oven. So delicious! Easy to make and was a huge hit!

Nanda Dataram; Quick and easy. I used about 1/4 of stuck butter. Just enough butter to spread a thin layer on top of the buns. Perfect.

Tony Collins; Made these for my firehouse this morning. Turned out amazing! Definitely making them again in the future.