Easy Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast Hash | Breakfast Ideas

Scrumptious, hearty, full of protein breakfast hash that is sure to coat the stomach after a fun date night 😉 Super easy to make, and oh so cheesy!

Easy Healthy Gluten-Free Breakfast Hash - Breakfast Ideas

What people says about this recipe?

Shanice Elliott; Sooo good. Made mine with breakfast sausage, green pepper, red onion, green onion and two cheeses. Delicious!😋

Claire joy; This is delicious!!! Definitely recommend. I used some left over french fries in the fridge and added some ham. It didn’t take me as long because I didn’t have to cook the potatoes, just reheat them.

Kristen Lee; Yum so good! I spiced up the potatoes with paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, garlic powder and parsley flakes. I didn’t have green onion so I added fresh cilantro as a garnish and sour cream. Also garnished with a bit of hot sauce. **Be careful not to overcook the eggs, you want them to be runny!

Brooke O; This is an amazing recipe! I did not have any form of onion, so I simply stuck with potatoes and added a slice of bacon to the recipe. It is very filling and can be easily made to fit personal portions if desired.

Arwa alshehri; just made it and it smells yummy 😋 I have changed it a little bit like adding turkish cheese instead of cheddar cheese and mix the eggs (scrambled) that it 😍🧚‍♀️

Laura Nierman; Delicious! It’s not a quick meal to make, but it’s simple and perfect for a weekend morning! I added fresh rosemary and skipped the cheese (I’m not a cheese person – weird, I know!). I thought about doing some bacon in the pan, then cooking the potatoes in the drippings…also considered adding spinach? Something to try next time!