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I know, I know, scrambled eggs are considered an easy dish to make, but there was a time long ago when I didn’t know the secrets of perfect egg scrambling and chances are there are others out there. If you already know how to scramble an egg check out some of these awesome breakfast dishes.

Easy Delicious Fluffy Scrambled Eggs - Breakfast Ideas Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

TATANYA; These are sooo amazing!! Make sure you read the tips before going straight to the recipe cuz you WILL mess up 😊

Rhoniesha Seubert; Definitely learned that more whisking equals fluffier eggs! I added tomatoes and a sprinkle of fresh cilantro on top.

Brenda Wimmer; So easy! I prefer my eggs extra fried but this was yummy and cooks a lot faster than you think!

Suejeily Rivera; They tasted as good they look on this picture, I mean, I make scrambled eggs but never was the kind you get when you go to a restaurant, all fluffy and yummy you know? But this were so good both my husband and daughter loved them. Thank you!

RavenBoi; My family was extremely happy with how this recipe turned out!Will definitely make these again soon!!

L Shattuck; Scrambled eggs are best cooked over low heat w a little margarine in pan and don’t cook them hard unless u really prefer them that way. Whisking (to me) is not necessary.

jalente; I’ve always wanted my eggs to look like he ones in the restaurant… but I always made it a race competition to get them done … lol they came out perfect with these directions…. Thanks my family and I loved them

Alanna Peoples; Thank you! Because of this recipe I now know how to make good scrambled eggs!

Tiffany Welch; They were definitely fluffy and the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever made.