Easy Delicious Eggs Benedict Casserole | Breakfast Ideas Recipes

This eggs benedict casserole is an overnighter. It’s super easy and delicious. It makes me want to douse every casserole ever in hollandaise sauce.

Easy Delicious Eggs Benedict Casserole - Breakfast Ideas Recipes

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Paige Scott; I’ve made this several times since I found the recipe and it’s always a huge hit. Sometimes i switch out the Canadian bacon for smoked salmon and add some capers.

Evelyn; The guys loved it on Christmas morning, just wanted twice as much! (My mistake to make a half recipe.) Used regular ham as I couldn’t get my mitts on bulk Canadian bacon.

Angela Mager; I’ve made this two years in a row on Christmas morning, and it’s awesome! Although I did not make the hollandaise, I used a packet from the grocery store.

Beth Peterson; Used 10 whole eggs, 6 whole muffins top & bottoms. Added about 3/4 c milk to make sure all muffins were soaking in liquid. Used a package of hollandaise sauce mix made according to package directions for topping casserole after cooking.

Ashley Sheron; First time making this I had a hard time getting a good ratio for a smaller batch, but it was still a hit! Second time around I got it down and used crab + smoked salmon instead of Canadian bacon-also used 1 c. milk and 1/2 c. whipping cream to make the eggs fluff up more. I did skip on making the sauce as I love Trader Joe’s so much.

Audrey Colman; I substituted almond milk in for the 2% milk and also used the Ezekiel bread English Muffins instead. When using the Ezekiel bread don’t use all 6 english muffins as they have more bread than the regular english muffins. 🙂

Kate Almeida; So easy to make ahead, and a lot less work than traditional eggs benedict. Especially first thing in the morning.