Easy Delicious Eggs and Potatoes | Breakfast Recipes Ideas

Baked Cheddar Eggs and Potatoes – the best way to make breakfast! It’s full of flavor, cheese and all your favorite breakfast foods.

Easy Delicious Eggs and Potatoes - Breakfast Recipes Ideas

What people says about this recipe?

Rachel Zavala; SO delicious. I do recommend using a non stick spray on the pan before cooking, other than that the recipe was delicious, easy, and quick!

Nellie Burke; I shredded some truffle cheddar that I had. I also used dried parsley since I didn’t have fresh on hand. I would have liked the yolks to be runny but they were completely cooked, so if you would like runny yolks too, I recommend cooking on a lower temp in the oven and for a shorter period of time. Really yummy, still.

Sami Elliott; Added maple sausage and did the eggs scrambled. My boyfriend is in love with this recipe!!!!!

Sumedha Chandra Sekhar; Made this for breakfast for the weekend. It turned out to be a smasher. Did not restrict to red potatoes but instead used both which we get at Costco.

Brandon Reyes; Scramble the eggs in the end instead of going in oven. Use red pepper. Same amount. Potatoes take long. We covered them. Perhaps 35 minutes.

Saronnie; Made this today, snuck into the kitchen and whipped it up before the Lovie woke. Man oh man…great goodie goodness!! Scored me some brownie points too :):) I only made 6 eggs (just the two of us, ya see) and I used dried parsley (roughly half of the called for amount) and she waaaas tasty!! Thanks for the great recipe = )

Sarah Millman; The potatoes were good, but the eggs did not cook enough even though I left everything in the oven for extra time. Next time, I would probably just cook the eggs separately on a skillet.

Alexandra Maddison; Absolutely loved this recipe! Everyone in my family liked it as well and even asked for more.

Amy Schriner; Delicious!! My husband added red onion, peppers, tomatoes & spinach!! Oh my gosh!! So so yummy!!