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German Oven Pancakes have all the flavor and buttery goodness of a fancy weekend breakfast, but with just 5 minutes of prep work, they’re perfect any day!

Delicious German Oven Pancakes - Breakfast Ideas Recipes

What people says about this recipe?

Nunya Business; Delicious! It was well loved by everyone in the house, which is a rarity! Not sure if I made it right since I’ve never had it before, but I’d describe it as a bread pudding-like texture. Great meal for those times when you don’t have many ingredients on hand past the staples. Any sweet-type topping would work really. We topped ours with frozen mixed berries (AKA the handlfuls of berry crumbles left in all the bags 😂) microwaved with a bit of sugar and cornstarch to thicken. Everyone requested it for tomorrow. So we’ll be trying it with syrup or maybe pan-fried cinnamon apples if there’s enough. Definitely a keeper!

Marina Vobroucek Ferrari; After trying a few other recipes failing with the iron skillet I decided to give it a try it to the glass baking dish and…Voila!!! success!!! I just did half of the recipe for me an my husband and we devoured it all with fruits, and syrup…it will be our Christmas morning breakfast now 🙂

Megan R Schroeder; Good! Great spin on the normal pancake! My husband, who hates pancakes because he practically at them every morning as a child, LOVED them! He said that the flavor reminded him of eggnog. Super quick, easy, and delicious!

Kieu Diem; My hubby’s dad used to make this for him when he was a kid. His dad is a kick a** baker! So when this git the thumbs up, I was ecstatic! My hubby also grew up in Germany, if that means anything… Hahaha. Thanks for the recipe! Pic is before I added lemon or powdered sugar but before it fell. Still gorgeous. Reminded me of an eclair base. Light but delicious. My sons ate it with strawberry, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, my hubby with apple pie filling, whipped cream, and cinnamon sprinkled on top.