Delicious Easy Nutella Stuffed Pancakes Recipes

Pancakes stuffed with Nutella! Best eaten warm but still fabulous at room temperature. Great treat for special occasions! Makes 6 to 7 pancakes.

Delicious Easy Nutella Stuffed Pancakes Recipes

What people says about this recipes?

C. W. P.; These were tasty, and a cool idea, but the execution is not as simple as the recipe makes it out to be. My pancakes turned out huge & deformed. But they did taste good.

Trisha Schimings; We loved them!!! Approx 1/3 c batter per base pancake then the disk. Top with another 2tbsp batter. Yum!!!!

Tracie Nowlin; They’re pretty good. I made the nutella spread a little thin so next time I’ll try making them thicker.

Bri Bri; These are SUPER easy to make and a crowd pleaser! Everyone at our breakfast party loved them!

Alysha Cuddy; Was fun to make. Our pancakes turned out a bit messy but still yummy!

Bernadette Nesto; Delicious! Have to work quickly though because the nutella melts fast!

Anonim; Made this today. Very good – I was surprised to see how much less than I expected on the bottom, and much more than I expected on the top was needed. I couldn’t get mine as round and perfect as yours in the picture but that didn’t stop them from being fantastic. Great Recipe.